Unless you’re planning on retiring in the next two, three months, we encourage anybody and everybody that is truly qualified, experiences, and seasoned as an attorney to really get involved with FLN sooner than later. Essentially, the relationships and the context you build today, are undoubtedly and invariably going to benefit you throughout your particular career. Whether it’s on a personal level, or a professional level, we definitely encourage you to get involved sooner or later.

And, if your particular area of practice is filled, and it’s not currently available, we still encourage you to get in touch with us. Put your name on a waiting list, figure out where, and when, and how you might be able to join an FLN chapter. But we strongly encourage you to get involved sooner than later, so that you too can benefit from building, developing, cultivating, and maintaining these valuable and powerful connections with esteem members of the Florida bar on a consistent and routine basis.