Currently in the Florida Lawyers Network, we have four different types of memberships.

One, our legal members. Obviously those are qualified, experienced attorneys that are licensed to practice law in the state of Florida in a particular designated area of practice.

Second are mediators, obviously Supreme Court mediators that have the ability to mediate, are also a category within each FLN chapter.

Additionally, we have financial members, those that are able to provide financial services to their particular clients, whether it’s banking, whether it’s public accounting, whether it’s forensic accounting, whether it’s financial advising or wealth management. We as attorneys recognize and realize that the financial community is an integral part of a lot of the things that we do in the Florida Lawyers Network.

Ultimately now, the fourth section really are the strategic members. Those are particular members that provide a product or service that is beneficial to the legal community, whether you are a court reporter, a process server, an investigator, or you provide legal marketing services to the legal community, you too can join and become part of the Florida Lawyers Network in a particular chapter.

One of the huge advantages of that is that you get a front row seat to be able to build, develop, cultivate, and maintain those valuable connections with experienced members of the Florida bar on a consistent, regular basis. In recapping, we’ve got legal members, financial members, mediators, and strategic members that are all represented and encompassed within each particular FLN chapter throughout this esteemed, outstanding, and exclusive organization.