Greetings. My name is Mo ElDeiry and I became a proud member of the Florida Bar back in 1997. After 15, 16 years in practice, it was back in 2010 when I decided to embark on this wild and ambitious ride of creating, implementing, and maintaining the Florida Lawyers Network which now has become this outstanding network of highly skilled and well-qualified attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida.

Essentially what happened over time is that when I first became a member of the Florida Bar back in 1997, there were less than six law schools at the time. There were less than 50,000 attorneys throughout the Florida Bar, and in south east Florida we had less than 25,000 attorneys that practiced within those particular counties. Since then, when FLN first began in 2010, the numbers of the Florida Bar had exceeded well over 100,000 members.

It was at that point where I began to realize that we really needed to implement and create an exclusive experienced network of attorneys that had the ability to build and develop connections on a long-term basis. So no matter how big or large the Florida Bar membership became, we would always be able to create an exclusive group of experienced, qualified, and educated attorneys that were designed to help each other succeed in each and every particular endeavor, whether it was personally or professionally, in order to achieve their particular goals.