FLN chapters meet once a month on a particular day of the month on a recurring basis. It’s an easy calendar to be able to follow. We meet for lunch. We have a great educational meeting whereby the members are educating the other members in the room about their particular area of practice. We qualify for lots of CLE credits, including ethics credits, but essentially the chapter meetings occur once a month. So on that basis, it becomes critical that you go out there and connect with your fellow members on a consistent, regular basis, whether you’re meeting them in the power lunches, whether you’re meeting them for individual meetings that we affectionately call IMs, but essentially each and every FLN chapter meeting only meets once a month. So the time consumption is not too arduous or time consuming, but it is incumbent upon each and every member to make use of the time in between the FLN chapter meetings to really build, develop, maintain, and sustain those valuable connections on a regular basis.