FLN - Founder's Message

FLN was created in 2010 when I became frustrated, annoyed, and aggravated that we did not have a professional legal organization that was truly dedicated and committed to helping us build long-term connections with experienced members of the Florida Bar.

As a proud member of the Florida Bar since 1997, I have seen our legal community expand and explode over the last many years, and it was truly time to implement an organization that was dedicated and committed to helping us build, develop and maintain long-term connections.

Personally, I am extremely passionate about giving experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis.

Most lawyers in Florida are not part of a big law firm, and while they love being in their own practice, they don’t enjoy the isolation that often comes with a private practice.

By surrounding our members with like-minded, experienced attorneys, we can all share knowledge, resources, cases, experiences, and camaraderie throughout our careers.

Thank you to the many [FLN – Members] for keeping the vision alive, and I sincerely look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming [FLN – Chapter Meeting].


Mo N. ElDeiry, Esquire

Florida Bar Member since 1997

FLN – Founder & Director since 2010