[FLN – Mediator Membership] Information

Qualified and experienced Mediators are an integral part of the Florida Legal Community.

Mediator Requirements:

  • Qualified applicants must be a certified Florida Supreme Court Mediator;
  • Only a select number of Mediators will be selected and in each [FLN – Chapter];
  • Existing [FLN – Members] that would like to add Mediation to their current area of practice are also eligible for consideration in certain Chapters.

The primary goal and purpose of [FLN – Mediators] will be to provide Mediation services to fellow [FLN – Members] in a variety of matters, and to give [FLN – Members] an opportunity to select qualified Mediators within the exclusive statewide network of professionals.

Please note:

FLN is a private membership organization that retains the sole and exclusive right to grant or deny membership to any individual for any reason at any time that is not suitable or consistent with the [FLN – Mission]. Exceptions to any FLN requirements or policies may be provided, but shall not alter, modify or adjust any existing or future policies.

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[FLN – Membership Commitments]

Members of the Florida Lawyers Network are ready, willing, and able to make the following commitments to ensure the integrity and quality of the organization:

  • Make a conscious effort to connect with other members in the network on a continuous and regular basis;
  • Maintain a policy that is consistent with the Florida Bar guidelines on co-counsel fees;
  • Provide great legal services to each and every client;
  • Attend monthly Chapter meetings on a regular basis;
  • Have a sincere and genuine desire to provide “value and benefit” to the fellow members of the organization
    Remain in good standing with the Florida Bar at all times.
  • Keep members of the network properly informed about the status of referrals.

Please note: To ensure the quality and integrity of the organization, existing members that are not able to make these commitments may be replaced by other candidates.

[FLN – Membership Benefits]

[FLN – Members] that actively and consistently participate in this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals will experience the following opportunities:

  • Becoming a better attorney by being surrounded by qualified, seasoned and experienced professionals;
  • Licensed professionals that offer financial services to their clients shall be eligible for membership in the Florida Lawyers Network.
  • Having a solid network of attorneys and professionals that clients can be referred to;
  • Being part of a extended network where you can build long-term connections with fellow members in your existing Chapter while connecting with hundreds of members in the adjacent Chapters;
  • Gaining more and better business through referrals when you sincerely and consistently provide value and benefit to others;
  • Increasing your firm’s ability to handle more complex legal matters by co-counseling with fellow members;
  • Helping fellow colleagues succeed by growing their legal practice;
  • Receiving advice on marketing and promoting your law practice.
[FLN – Membership Dues]

[FLN – Members] contribute periodic membership dues to provide the necessary resources to operate, administrate and implement this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.