The essence of any successful endeavor is to have a clear and compelling vision of the future.

The [FLN – Mission] is to give experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis.

The structure of FLN allows [FLN – Members] to cultivate valuable connections in their local legal community, while advancing their network to connect with fellow [FLN – Members] and colleagues throughout the entire organization.

FLN is specifically designed to give its members a forum to learn, grow and improve by connecting with experienced colleagues on a consistent and regular basis.

FLN believes that growth is unlimited, prosperity is abundant, and learning is perpetual.

Experienced attorneys and professionals that are truly dedicated and committed to helping each other succeed, are cordially invited to contact FLN to learn more about participating in this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

[FLN – Mission]

The [FLN – Mission] is to create a solid network of experienced attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida…..

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[FLN – Founder’s Message]

FLN was created in 2010 when I became frustrated, annoyed, and aggravated that we did not have a professional legal organization that was truly dedicated and committed to helping us build long-term connections with experienced members of the Florida Bar….

[FLN – Vision]

The [FLN – Vision] is to transform the concept of legal networking worldwide.
The vision is to create, start and implement an outstanding network of attorneys and professionals……

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[FLN – History]

OCTOBER 7, 2010
The very first [FLN – Info Meeting] took place on October 7, 2010 at the Signature Grand in Broward County, Florida….

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