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Florida Lawyers Network (FLN)

The essence of any successful endeavor is to have a clear and compelling vision of the future.

The [FLN - Mission] is to give experienced attorneys and professionals a tremendous opportunity to build and develop valuable connections on a long-term basis. 

The structure of FLN allows [FLN - Members] to cultivate valuable connections in their local legal community, while advancing their network to connect with fellow [FLN - Members]  and colleagues  throughout the entire organization.

FLN is specifically designed to give its members a forum to learn, grow and improve by connecting with experienced colleagues on a consistent and regular basis.

FLN believes that growth is unlimited, prosperity is abundant, and learning is perpetual. 

Experienced attorneys and professionals that are truly dedicated and committed to helping each other succeed, are cordially invited to contact FLN to learn more about participating in this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals. 


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What is the Florida Lawyers Network?


[FLN - Providing Value and Benefit since 2010]

The Florida Lawyers Network (FLN) is a statewide network of highly-skilled and well-qualified lawyers in each area of practice throughout Florida.  

Each [FLN - Legal Member] must have at least five (5) years of experience as an attorney, and must be well-versed and knowledgeable in his or her designated area of practice.

Only three (3) attorneys in each area of practice are selected for membership in each Chapter, and this provides great diversity, while still maintaining exclusivity.


Who should get involved with FLN?

 Qualified, seasoned, and experienced attorneys that are ready, willing, and able to build long-term and valuable connections with esteemed members of the legal community are invited to learn more about this outstanding network.  

The process of building, developing and maintaining long-term connections is not "rocket-science," but it does require perseverance, diligence and commitment.

Attorneys that have the desire, ability and propensity to provide value and benefit to others on a regular basis, are invited to learn more about this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.


Why get involved with FLN?

If you are looking to become a better attorney that can provide better legal services to your clients, then surrounding yourself with experienced, educated, and qualified professionals is a great way to achieve that objective. 

If you have the ability to learn from others, and if you have the skills, qualifications and attributes to help others succeed, then we sincerely invite you to connect with FLN, and learn more about this exclusive network of attorneys. 

We all know it's not possible to know everything about every area of law, and [FLN - Members] recognize and appreciate that by surrounding ourselves with lots of experienced attorneys in many areas of practice we all benefit from sharing this knowledge, experience and resources. 


Why get involved with FLN?

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[FLN - Membership Roster]


[FLN - Chapters]

[FLN - Calendar of Events]

[FLN - Membership Roster]


[FLN - Calendar of Events]

[FLN - Calendar of Events]

[FLN - Calendar of Events]


[FLN - Chapter Speakers]

[FLN - Chapter Speakers]

[FLN - Calendar of Events]


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[FLN - Chapter Speakers]

[FLN - Power Lunches]


[FLN - Power Lunches]

[FLN - Chapter Speakers]

[FLN - Power Lunches]


Getting Involved with FLN

How to get involved with FLN?


Take Action!

Doing what you know is far more important than knowing what to do. 

Don't let time slip by . . . .


Check the calendar of events, and find an [FLN - Chapter Meeting] near you. 

Even if your area of practice is not currently available, we still encourage you to attend an [FLN - Chapter] meeting, and learn more about opportunities in your local area.

Starting New [FLN - Chapters]

If you are really inspired, and you have the skills and qualifications that can help motivate people to make things happen, then we would be delighted to speak with about starting an [FLN -  Chapter] in your area. 

Email us at  FLN@FloridaLawyersNetwork.com to review the details.


When should you get involved with FLN?

 Would now be a good time?

Start early and often. We invite you to create the friendships and connections that will undeniably benefit you personally and professionally throughout your career.

The connections that you develop today, will become an integral part of your career for many years to come. 

Don't wait for opportunity to come knocking. Take the initiative and learn how you can build long-term, and valuable connections with experienced members of the Florida Legal Community.​


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