The FLN Video Channel is designed to be a video library. Within this video library, we’re going to designate a particular bookcase for each particular area of practice. Within that bookcase, we’re going to have a variety of topics that are going to be part of our video library. You can go to the FLN Video Channel. You can click on areas of practice, such as criminal defense, personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, what have you. Within that particular library, within that particular bookcase, you’re going to find a series of videos that’s going to get a chance to educate, enlighten, and inform you about those particular areas of practice.

If you are an existing FLN member, and you have a professional video that has been done that can be placed into one of these bookcases inside of this FLN video library, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can add you as part of this comprehensive and exhaustive library of information, so that when consumers come to the FLN Video Channel, they’ll have that opportunity to be able to look for a variety of different areas of practice, learn more about a particular area of practice, learn more about the individual that represents those areas of practice, and hopefully make an educated choice about which attorney he or she should select for their particular legal needs.