There are three fundamental and main requirements for being an FLN member.

Number one, you’ve gotta be qualified and experienced and educated in your particular designated area of practice. Whether you are a legal member, a mediator, a financial member, or a strategic member, the designated area of practice that you happen to occupy and represent, you’ve gotta be able to do that well on a consistent and regular basis.

Second, you must have the ability to provide value and benefit to the other members on a regular basis. You must have the propensity, the inclination, the desire, and the ability to make each and every member on a regular basis better than what they are. When you do that, and people see you as a valuable resource that you’re willing to help others become more successful and better than they are, then they will begin to realize and look to you as a valuable resource for those things as well.

Third and ultimately one of the most important ingredients and requirements of being an FLN member is that you’ve gotta be able to attend, connect, and participate on a regular basis. Our FLN chapters only meet once a month, so what you do in between the FLN chapter meetings is oftentimes more important than what you do at the particular chapter meetings. You’ve gotta be able to attend, connect, and participate on a regular basis. Honestly, out of all of those three particular requirements, we have found time and time again that your attendance and connecting is truly the foremost and most important ingredient and element of being an FLN member, because we have come to learn that when you are out of sight, you are out of mind, but when you are in your face, you might get a case.