The FLN power lunches are undeniably the signature event that truly makes FLN a unique and powerful organization. In between the FLN chapter meetings, what happens is we create the FLN power lunches. These are designed to be a small group of members in a particular chapter, anywhere from three, four, five, or six members in a variety of different areas of practice that get together on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity in that small group setting for our members to be able to really roll up their sleeves and get to know, like, and trust the other members of the chapter.

It is in those FLN power lunches that members have the true and unique ability and opportunity to not only sustain, build, and develop those connections. But it’s a great way for you to be able to introduce yourself to the rest of the group in that small particular setting. Undeniable, the FLN power lunches have been the signature event and the cornerstone of the success of this particular organization, especially since our chapter meetings only meet month to month. It is incumbent upon our FLN members in each chapter to participate and effectuate and get involved in those particular power lunches on a consistent and regular basis.