Specifically, candidates for the Florida Lawyers Network should do the following things.

Number one, you want to be able to attend an FLN chapter in the chapter that you’re looking to apply for membership. That gives you an opportunity to feel that particular group out. Those members get a chance to meet you, and you get a chance to determine whether it’s a good fit, and at the same time, the members get a chance to get to know and understand a little bit more about what you do and how well that you do it.

Second, if that finds to be a good fit, you want to be able to request an FLN invitation to apply. That gives you the opportunity to fill out the essential requirements that we need for our home office to be able to look into your particular background and checkout your suitability and excellence for this particular organization, and then finally the last step is that once you get past those particular steps, we then circulate your name amongst the members of a particular chapter. It is designed to get the feedback, the insight, and the input on the particular candidate for membership, and this gives us a good holistic view on the excellence and ability of that particular candidate to join one of our FLN chapters in the entire organization.