Referrals are undoubtedly the most beneficial and powerful aspect of any type of networking contact or development group. The concept behind referrals, in FLN in particular, are that they are not a fundamental right. They are not a privilege of membership, and they truly must be earned. When you as a member of the Florida Lawyers Network make it your mission, your duty, your obligation to provide value and benefit to the other members on a regular basis, then undoubtedly, you’re going to get dividends and recoup those particular benefits in return.

The key about referrals, in any particular organization, whether it is in a nonprofit organization or in this particular valuable, powerful organization of attorneys, is that you have to take the time to build and develop those long-term connections. You cannot simply sign up, get vetted, put your name on the directory, sit back, and wait for attorneys and other colleagues to refer you business. Each and every member has the duty, has the obligation, has the requirement to go out there and help each and every fellow member succeed. When you do that, and you do that consistently, and you do that regularly, and you do that without hesitation or reservation, then undoubtedly, referrals and new business opportunities are going to come in your direction.

But I want to be extremely and profoundly clear about this particular concept: They are not a fundamental right and privilege simply by joining the organization. It is simply up to you to be able to use this forum, this opportunity, this venue to build and develop those valuable connections that you’re then going to expand upon, take into the future, provide value and benefit to others, and then ultimately, reap and benefit from those rewards and dividends that will come undoubtedly in your particular direction.