“FLN - Providing Value & Benefit to the Florida Legal Community Since 2010”
What is the Florida Lawyers Network?

FLN is a statewide network of highly-skilled and well-qualified lawyers in each area of practice throughout Florida. Each member must have at least five (5) years of experience, and must be well-versed and knowledgeable in his or her designated area of practice.

Only three (3) attorneys in each of practice are selected for membership in each Chapter, and this concept has proven to provide valuable diversity while maintaining essential exclusivity.

Members of this experienced network recognize that providing value and benefit to fellow members on a regular basis will undoubtedly provide tremendous synergy and produce extraordinary results.

Qualified candidates that are truly dedicated and committed to building long-term connections with esteemed members of the Florida Bar are encouraged and invited to learn more about this outstanding network of professionals.

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To create a solid network of experienced attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida.

We envision a powerful network of like-minded attorneys to share cases, information, insight, knowledge and resources throughout the entire legal network.The goal is to harness the energy from the growing legal community to create a tremendous, powerful and extremely resourceful network of qualified and experienced professionals.

As a group, this network can achieve impressive results by multiplying the efforts of each of its members.

It’s all about networking & synergy.


In January of 2011 the first members of the Florida Bar conducted the first Chapter meeting in Fort Lauderdale, and since then more than several hundred candidates have joined the network in one of seven Chapters in South East Florida.

FLN provides a very powerful opportunity for seasoned and skilled members of the Florida Legal community to build and develop relationships with like-minded attorneys and professionalso on a consistent basis.

If you would like to learn more about this exclusive statewide network we invite you to join us for one of our meetings in the various Chapters throughout the network.

FLN - Chapters


All active Legal Members of the Florida Lawyers Network must meet the following requirements for membership on a regular and continuous basis: