Types of [FLN - Membership]


4 Types of [FLN - Membership]

[FLN - Membership]

[FLN - Requirements for Membership]:

FLN is a very flexible and professional organization that does not implement many rules and requirements for its members to follow.

Nonetheless, this flexibility does not compromise the excellent standards we expect from [FLN - Membership] and mediocrity is strongly discouraged.

There are three (3) essential requirements for all [FLN - Members]:

1. You must be an experienced and qualified candidate in your particular area of practice at all times;

2. You must have a sincere and genuine desire to provide "value and benefit" to fellow members on a regular basis;

3. You must attend, connect and participate in regular Chapter meetings and Power Lunches on a consistent and routine basis.

Flexibility is essential for busy and experienced professionals, but the standard of excellence we expect is consistently maintained throughout the organization.


[FLN - Legal Members]:

  • Qualified and experienced attorneys that have at least five (5) years of experience as a lawyer are eligible to be considered for membership as an [FLN - Legal Member]. 

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[FLN - Financial Members]:

  • Financial Professionals that provide advice, counsel, guidance and resources to their clients are an essential component of the Florida Legal Community. 
  • Licensed professionals that offer financial services to their clients shall be eligible for membership in the Florida Lawyers Network. 
  • Only a limited number of financial professionals are selected for membership in each [FLN - Chapter].

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[FLN - Strategic Members]:

  • Qualified applicants, who provide a product or service that is beneficial to the members of this exclusive statewide network, may be eligible for membership as [FLN - Strategic Members]. 
  • Strategic Members, also known as legal vendors, that are approved for membership will have a unique and beneficial opportunity to communicate and network directly with FLN Members. 

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[FLN - Mediators]

  • Qualified and Certified Supreme Court Mediators are eligible to become members in the Florida Lawyers Network. 
  • Only a limited number of candidates will be selected for membership in each [FLN - Chapter].

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