What is the [FLN - Vision]?

 The [FLN - Vision] is to transform the concept of legal networking worldwide. 

The vision is to create, start and implement an outstanding network of attorneys and professionals that have the dedication and commitment to build and develop connections locally, while sharing their knowledge, talent and resources throughout the entire network.

When the FLN organization first began in 2010, there was an ambitious  mission to create [FLN - Chapters] and members throughout the entire State of Florida. 

Now that FLN has been providing some great value and benefit to the Florida legal community since 2010, we envision that one day the concept will transcend the borders of Florida, and implement Chapters anywhere in the world. 


What about Business Opportunities?

Here is what we have learned through FLN:

When you build and develop connections with experienced members of FLN, referrals and business opportunities will be generated. 

It may not happen within 24 hours (although it has), but over time, your consistency and participation is regulary rewarded by surrounding yourself with seasoned, qualified and experienced attorneys.

When attorneys gain the trust of fellow members, business opportunities arise. It's not automatic. Just because you join FLN, does not mean you have a fundamental right to receive referrals. All business opportunities must be earned.

In this honored profession, legal clients are cherished, and will only be referred when a great connections have been established. 

Ultimately, [FLN - Members] are personally and professionally rewarded for the connections they develop, and through diligence, perseverance and commitment the benefits are plentiful. 

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